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New Online Event Planning and Management Magazine to Become Every Planner's Best Friend

Event management community brews with excitement over the new launch


Pacifica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2014 -- Event planners around the world are in for some very exciting news. Longega Events which is known to have a profound impact on the event management community is getting ready to launch an online event planning and management magazine. The magazine will help planners gather tips and learn new techniques on how to achieve fast track success.

For any new event management company or individual to start realizing results and grow, it takes a lot of time and effort. As the market is competition driven, no one can afford to waste a lot of time. Everyone needs to improve their skills and in order for this to happen they have to heavily invest in education and learning. While this pursuit can be extensive and expensive, those who want to get expert advice for a lot less can refer to the online Longega Events event planning and management magazine.

In addition to the fact that the magazine will have current information on how to optimize resources and get the most out of the options available, it is also the brain behind the magazine that is well worth the mention. Sabrina Longega Wilson, who is known for her excellent work in the event management business, is the managing editor of the new magazine that is getting ready for the grand launch.

She has created, coordinated and conducted over 500 events around the world. Her credibility as successful event planner makes her the perfect choice for the voice behind the tips and suggestions that the event management community will benefit a great deal from. The magazine will have information on how to cut down the labor and achieve better results. It will also provide creative ideas that planners can use to organize any event of any stature.

About Longega Event Planning and Management Magazine
The launch of the magazine comes at a time when planners around the world have called a search for a learning platform that also serves as a source of inspiration and entertainment. The online magazine can be accessed with a simple sign up and will provide a treasure of secrets, tips and tricks that can help any event planner or event management company grow and sustain their growth.

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