New Online Forum Serves African Students Studying Abroad


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Considering these scenarios; An Algerian student who planned to transfer from a South African university to a university abroad; A Ghanaian student who has arrived in Canada to study; A Nigerian student who has completed his studies abroad. A new online forum serves students like these and other Africans wishing to travel to and from Africa to study, thereby closing the information gaps between African students at home and those overseas.

At ASO Forum, visitors can browse through the sub-forums and threads to find useful information on how to write a CV and job application, how to write personal statements, finding accommodation, coursework and dissertation help, financial aid and scholarships, immigration advice, travel and holiday advice, starting up a business, advertise for free, social media exchange, as well as general topics such as relationships, sports, fashion, technology and music. There is also a community calendar where users can share birthdays and other special events, as well as a gallery of users' photos.

ASO Forum also features blogs with articles on several subjects such as how to avoid plagiarism, phonetic alphabets for international students, seven steps to take before studying overseas and many more. Students who are unsure of where to start can visit the ASO Forum's extensive FAQ page which explains how to register, how to use the forum, forum rules and regulations as well as available freebies for members.

“Studying abroad can be a very lonely endeavor…” said Mr. Joe Joseph. He also stated that “ASO Forum was created to provide a community for Africans wishing to study in other countries, from America to the UK, Asia, Middle East, Canada, Australia and rest of Europe. The forum is already proving to be an excellent information resource for students as well as a warm and welcoming community where lasting friendships have been forged.”

ABOUT AfricanStudentsOverseas.Com
The African Students Overseas Forum, or ASO Forum as it is called by its users, exists to share valuable information with every African student studying at home who desires to study overseas in the future, as well as African students already studying overseas, and African students who have completed their studies overseas. The forum allows students to discuss issues such as where to study, what courses to study, life abroad, immigration issues, financial aid, working abroad while studying and many more.

Learn more about the African Students Overseas Forum at ASO Forum.

Media Contact:

NAME: Joe Joseph (Spokesperson)
LOCATION: London, United Kingdom