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New Online Journal Allows Regular People to Deliver the News

A new project is being created that will not only allow anyone to report the news to people from all over the world but will also compensate them for their time through various forms of advertising.


Fortaleza, Brazil -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Nauber Bernardo Gois has come up with a way to allow the average person to not only report the news from their area but also allow them to be compensated for their efforts. This project is being called The Independent Journal. Gois hopes that this will be a revolutionary new way to allow the average person to deliver unbiased information to people all over the world. The website is most likely to attract both people looking to write for profit and those who simply enjoy journalism but lack an outlet to work with.

" The main objective of this project is to create a new independent journal where the news is created by you. You can post an article and be compensated through advertising." says Gois

Those who choose to publish on The Independent Journal can be compensated for their time an efforts. These funds will be generated with advertising on the site. Writers will be paid 80% of the revenue generated by their content. Essentially, the more visitors a certain journalistic piece brings to the site, the more money that writer will earn for their work. Programmers for the site will also be installing algorithms which will sort and rank articles by their geographic properties, number of page views and visitor preferences. These properties will also effect the popularity of certain posts and the writers ability to profit.

Gois will be initiating a 10% revenue share incentive for initial investors. These investors include initial contributors and founders. The investments will be used to pay for development of applications, hosting applications, web design and advertising campaigns.

Gois was also quoted as saying, " There are several risks that we will have to deal with while we work on this project including being able to keep up with the server load which will come along with all of the visitors, as well as, a way to control fake or inappropriate content and stop it from being published. "

About Independent Journal
In order to raise the funds that he needs to finish development of this project, Gois has started a crowdfunding campaign on the popular website Indiegogo. He is looking to raise a total of $8,000.00 USD and will be giving out a very unique perk to backers who donate $2,000.00 or more. Those who choose to contribute $2,000.00 will be rewarded with part ownership of the project. As mentioned previously, owners will earn 10% of the total profits generated from the site for the life of the project.

For more information about the Independent Journal, visit their campaign page of the Indiegogo website right here

Contact Information:
Name : Francisco Nauber Bernardo Gois
Phone : 558591073914
Email : naubergois@gmail.com
Address : Paulo Firmeza,
755 Apartamento 103 Fortaleza,
Ceara 60130420 Brazil