New Online Program Promises to Help People Learn a New Language in Just 60 Days

Using a targeted, guided video program, LINGO 300 delivers an intelligent and fun journey that will have people speaking a new language in just 60 days.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- Conventional wisdom dictates it takes years to learn a new language with any degree of competency. Frank Fradella, founder of LINGO Interactive, turns that conventional wisdom on its ear with LINGO 300, a program devoted to delivering the most commonly-used 300 words in any language which accounts for about 65% of all the words people use on a regular basis. The result is that everyone, from traveling business people to the casual vacationer can speak their new language in an understandable way, allowing them to comfortably meet people, make friends, order in restaurants, shop, check in at the hotel and airport and much more.

LINGO 300 is seen as a disruptor totally transforming how languages are learned. Up until now, bored students languished in stuffy classrooms day after day and year after year just to end up with a shaky-at-best grasp on the language they studied all that time. For those out of school, armchair enthusiasts struggled through recorded language lessons or even turned to computer software and – after months or even years of effort– still couldn't speak the language they studied for various reasons.

The LINGO 300 aims to change all that. In just 60 tightly-focused video lessons, it takes language students by the hand and teach them those magical 300 words along with the basic grammatical structures so the words learned make sense in a sentence. Attention is also given to cultural notes, foods, customs, variations in dialects and more.

LINGO 300 is a fun 60-day intensive, guided course that's like having a private language tutor. The video lessons are conducted by native, fluent speakers and are recorded in the environment where the vocabulary is likely to be used (in a café, a taxi, etc.).delivering an immersive “you are there” experience. On-screen translations made in real-time on the screen will not only show the words being taught, but also the nuances of any given conversation. There is a custom SRS (spaced repetition) flash card system to reinforce what users are learning. Language learners will also have optional access to LINGO-vetted tutors for live 1-on-1 Skype calls for truly personalized language instruction.

LINGO 300 will be starting with Spanish and Chinese, two of the three most spoken languages on the planet. New languages will be added over time.

LINGO Interactive is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund the new series.

More details can be found on the Kickstarter page:

About Frank Fradella
Frank Fradella has been involved in the language industry since 2006 and he has had the good fortune to work on some amazing projects. What he has wanted to do all along was to put native speakers in the spotlight and let people see, hear and read the words as they speak them. He founded LINGO Interactive in 2013 and has been developing the new series ever since. LINGO 300 is the culmination of Frank’s 5-year long journey.