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New Online Resource Helps Consumers Find Detailed Ninja Blender Reviews

Detailed Ninja Blender reviews are often hard to come by. One company cuts through all the hype to deliver a detailed review of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System blender.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- Ninja Blenders have been causing quite a stir since they were released to the market a few years. The company behind Ninja claims their product offers superior performance to other more expensive models while costing just a fraction of the price. In many cases, the Ninja Blender comes as a complete kitchen system, which also includes a single-serve blender, a food processor, and cookie dough attachments. With so many accessories and supposed “benefits” many consumers have been asking whether or not the Ninja kitchen blender actually works or whether it is just all buzz.

After doing thorough research and analyzing hundreds of Ninja Blender reviews, industry review site has come to the conclusion that the Ninja Blender is generally an exceptional product – with just a few exceptions.

“If users are looking for a powerful blender for crushing ice, blending lots of different fruit, and making restaurant style smoothies, the Ninja is the real deal” explains company spokesman John Littner. Previous tests have shown that the Ninja Blender can crush ice cubes into now and blend a surprisingly broad range of fruits and vegetables into smooth iced beverages. Health enthusiasts have been quick to praise the Ninja Blender as the go-to solution to make delicious, healthy smoothies.

However, even non-health enthusiasts have recognized the many benefits with using the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. “Having the Ninja Blender around gives me that option to make a healthier choice. Rather than reach for a bag of chips or a cookie, I can make myself a delicious fruit smoothie that contains tons if nutrients” says Samantha Philburn from Seattle.

In addition, users can make a surprisingly wide range of food and beverages with the Ninja. Some examples include smoothies, protein shakes, granola bars, protein bars, pizza dough, salads, and even home-made ice cream. In many cases, the Ninja blender is able to replace many appliances in the kitchen due to its huge versatility.

However, even the Ninja Blender is not without its drawbacks. Users should be aware that the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is much louder than the typical kitchen blender. In addition, consumers looking to use the Ninja to make juice would be well advised to try a different appliance. “Although the company advertises that Ninja Blender can make juices, this product is actually very limited in that regard,” explains Littner. “Dedicated juicers do a much better job, since they actually have built-in capabilities to remove excess pulp.”

Although the Ninja Blender has a few minor drawbacks, overall it’s a solid choice for anyone looking to make healthy, restaurant style smoothies in the comfort of their own home. The unit is powerful, versatile, and comes with numerous accessories features. It is no wonder that users are skeptical of the $200 price tag for the entire Ninja Mega Kitchen System. Anyone interested in getting the complete Ninja System would be well advised to note that the official site currently has the lowest price on this model, in addition to a five year warranty and 60-day money back guarantee. Littner advises customers purchase the Ninja Blender through the official page to protect their investment and gain access to the special warranty.

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