New Online Study Guide Makes Learning Online Fun!


Dunedin, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Nearly every online student will struggle with one or more issues when learning online. E-learning 10 presents practical e-learning solutions in an unusual package. Smiling dogs appear on most pages, helping the online learner to smile, relax, and engage with simple and accessible e-learning strategies.

Unlike other online study guides, E-learning 101 makes learning online fun. Useful strategies are presented in a light-hearted way, making e-learning seem a lot less daunting.

“In my work with online learners, I discovered something surprising,” says E-learning 101 author, e-learning expert Dr Liz Hardy. “Although each online student is an individual, they often struggle with similar issues, such as procrastination, time management, motivation and loneliness.

E-learning 101 solves these stressful problems quickly – and it’s the friendliest online study guide out there”.

The book is presented as 6 short lessons. Each lesson defines a common e-learning problem, and then walks the online student through a series of steps to solve it. Interactive worksheets are included with every lesson, empowering online students to fix their e-learning problems right then and there.

The lessons are short, but cover the biggest issues in learning online:

- E-learning technology
- Finding more time to study
- Self-motivation
- Procrastination cures
- How to submit assignments on time, and
- Avoiding loneliness when learning online.

This online study guide inspires the worried online student to face e-learning with confidence, replacing feelings of anxiety with action and achievement.

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About Dr. Liz Hardy
Dr Liz Hardy is an e-learning professional who’s helped around 3,000 online students in 21 papers, from beginners to graduates.

Dr Hardy’s blend of humor and practical advice about learning online is unique. The approach is appreciated by online learners, who find the information in E-learning 101 unusually accessible.

Dr Hardy’s laid-back yet informative style can also be seen at her website, where she offers articles and resources for new and nervous online students.

E-learning 101: It’s not as tough as it looks ($9.99, 50 pages, e-book, ISBN: ISBN 978-0-473-20544-7) is available at and at Amazon.

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Name: Dr Liz Hardy
Location: Dunedin, New Zealand