New Paleo Diet Unveils Tips for Finding Paleo Crockpot Recipes and More

New page offers suggestions on where to find paleo recipes for the crockpot, how to mix paleo and gluten-free eating, and more, reports New Paleo Diet


San Marcos, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- NewPaleoDiet.Com today announced the arrival of new paleo crockpot recipes at its paleo diet information site, which can be found at It also presents interesting cooking ideas and tie-ins for paleo dieters, such as the idea of typing gluten-free eating in with this sort of diet. The site's other information is still present as well, so it's easy for those interested in these diets to get all of the information they need.

"The reason the paleo diet works well with gluten-free is simple: Most sources of gluten are already eliminated with the paleo diet, so it's easy to pluck out the few remaining exceptions to do them both at once. Many people are interested in gluten-free diets as a way to lose weight rather than to manage celiac disease or Crohn's syndrome, but those who have those conditions will also benefit from combining gluten-free and paleo if weight loss is a goal," explained Evan Mejora.

One of the best ways to find recipes that combine the two eating plans is to look for paleo crockpot recipes. The types of foods that cook well in a crock pot are the ones that don't have gluten in them, so there's no feeling of missing out when using this sort of recipe. Of course, these recipes have all of the normal benefits of crock pot creations as well: They can cook unattended, come out very tender, and feature flavors that are rich and well-blended. Cleanup is also easy since there's only one pot and one lid to wash.

"Crockpot recipes can be found in many of the paleo diet books that help people get started, but we recommend the Paleo Burn program in particular. That's because this program isn't just for new entrants to the paleo way of eating. It also includes plenty of information that's useful for people who have done paleo for years. The recipes are just a start when it comes to Paleo Burn's usefulness," said Mejora.

Of course, not all paleo diet meals are gluten-free. Visitors to NewPaleoDiet.Com can find programs that tailor the basic paleo diet to meet specific needs and help them meet more goals than simple weight loss. Athletes, for example, will find information about a guide that allows them to adapt the diet for increasing performance, while vegetarians will find suggestions for getting enough calories without turning to meat. This shows that the diet is very versatile, not only in terms of what can be consumed, but in how it is used to meet health and performance goals.

About offers information about various paleo diet plans, recipe books, and about the diet in general. It also notes how the paleo diet can be tied into other eating plans like gluten-free or vegetarian diets.