New Patented MedSlant Wedge Pillow Incorporates Eco-Friendly Soy Foam


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- MedSlant (, a USA-made Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow is announcing today a major step forward in their commitment to creating an eco-friendly product by incorporating soy foam in their Wedge Pillow.

Adele Camens, media contact, was asked recently about the new soy foam. "Since the founding of MedSlant, I have always wanted to do my part to ensure our products were eco-friendly so that something designed to help people is not harming the earth. We originally looked at urethane to create pillows but we were concerned with the potential health hazards and fire risks of that material so we went with polyurathane which we found led to a more stable and long lasting product. As a company, MedSlant wants to create the best possible Acid Reflux Pillow without causing more damage to the earth, which is why our pillow is now being made with a mix of soy and polyurethane".

MedSlant is the maker of a wedge pillow that is 30 inches long and is "torso length" so that rather than just elevating a person's head, it naturally elevates the entire body from the hips up. It works to relieve the symptoms of heartburn that is caused from food backing up into the esophagus when laying on traditional pillows, this condition is known as gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. The MedSlant wedge pillow also comes with its own carrying case so that those who travel can have their pillow with them even when staying in hotels or with family.

"I suffered from GERD or acid reflux and once I was diagnosed, it was my doctor that suggested to buy a pillow that would elevate my head, but these did not work since not enough of the body was at an angle. Unfortunately, at the time, no torso-length wedge pillows existed so I set out to make my own and it worked. Since it worked so well for me, I decided it probably would help others and that was the founding of MedSlant in a nutshell", said Camens.

Asked what the future of MedSlant holds, Ms. Camens replied, "We'll continue to ensure we are using the most eco-friendly materials in our pillows and products. We recently changed the carrying case from PVC to PEVA, which is more earth-friendly and now with the move to a soy foam mixture, we feel good about the changes we have made, and we know our customers will too. The nice aspect about moving to the soy foam is it feels just as comfortable and effective as our traditional foam pillows, so it was a natural choice for us to make the change."

About Medslant
MedSlant began offering the acid reflux pillows for both adults and children in 2001 since the owner was unable to find torso-length wedge pillows in stores. The goal in the beginning for Adele Camens was to create a pillow to help her own GERD symptoms, not to start a company. The idea came about when she found there was no pillows on the market to help her condition. When she realized how much the pillow had helped her to become symptom-free of the GERD, she knew she could help others and the birth of MedSlant began. The pillow system can be purchased directly on the website ( with prices starting at just $79.99.