New Pet Focused Online Magazine Aims to Provide Research Based Information on the Wellbeing of Pets

Dog region is a brand new website that aims to provide everything pets related. Pet owners can find information on health, food, wellbeing, training and more.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2016 -- Among most companion animals, dogs are the best when it comes to loyalty, friendship and devotion to humankind. Anyone who has ever had a dog as a pet can easily attest to the love it can return. There are many rewards of owning a dog as a pet. Some of these rewards are subtle, like the wagging of its tail when it is released from its hook, the excitement it displays when the owner comes home are just amongst the few. Owning a dog is not a just considered a privilege, it is a full time responsibility for some.

About is a brand new online magazine where pet owners can find researched based information on pets, especially dogs. The portal was designed to help people around the world learn more about the needs and wants of dogs. It contains handpicked 'training articles' to help dogs fit in the lifestyle of their owners.

"Dogregion is all about the bond we share with pets. We are a team of few pet lovers who have kept pets close to our heart. Our experiences with pets have allowed us to learn a lot about their needs and wants. Now we want to share these experiences with the rest of the pet loving community," said Chris Metzen, dog owner and co-founder of

"We are determined to provide real life experiences to help you learn more about the possible needs of a pet." added Metzen.

Dogregion provides a lot of information on different aspects of owning a dog pet. Some of them are as follows:

Training – the training articles on the website will help train your pets become a part of your life. These researched based articles are there to provide you the necessary tools to create a better bond between you and your pet.

Nutrition – The health of a pet is an important part of owning one. Without understanding the nutritional needs of a pet, things can easily go south for you. This section of the magazine deals with the variety of food you can provide to your pet to make sure their health is perfect.

Health problems – pets can also suffer from a variety of diseases. Sometimes these diseases are hard to detect until it's too late. The health section of discusses different symptoms that pets can show when they are not feeling well. A collection of symptoms on the website are available that warn owners of potential diseases.

Additional information on the magazine includes owning a pet for the first time, veterinary information, naming pets, dealing with newborns, adoptions, potty training pets, choosing the right pet, training pets for competition, exercising, disease prevention, pet hygiene, pet toys, grooming and much more.

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