New Pet Insurance Website Raises the Eyebrows of Pet Owners with Customizable Plans at Rock Bottom Prices


Beachwood, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2011 -- In response to the growing demand for affordable pet insurance, Embrace Pet Insurance is announcing the release of its brand new website.

According to a recent study the average cost of visiting a veterinarian has increased exponentially over the last five years. From complex operations to the appropriation of medications, bringing an animal to the vet is comparable to taking a child to the pediatrician.

That’s why Embrace has put together a customizable pet insurance system that allows clients to create plans that are specific to their needs. Regardless of their financial situation or what areas they need to cover, Embrace prides itself on allowing anyone to get pet insurance at affordable rates.

For Marcy Jacobson, the plan she was able to get for her two cats allows her to pay a fraction of what she was paying with her previous insurance provider: “My cats are young and healthy so I don’t need a big plan to cover their check-ups or the occasional emergency. The plan I got from Embrace is cheap enough not to have to worry about the monthly fees but thorough enough not to ever worry about my cats. The small price I pay for peace of mind is well worth it.”

Embrace pet insurance also offers coverage for genetic conditions, customizable coverage for clients with specific situations (such as multiple pets), the ability for clients to visit any veterinarian they choose, and Embrace even refunds a certain percent of an owners vet bill after each visit.

All these combine to make Embrace one of the most popular pet insurance providers on the market, but perhaps the best thing about their service is their staunch commitment to customer service. According to Linda Williams, Embrace’s customer service is among the best in the industry: “When my miniature pinscher Jack took ill I was frantic. I had a special plan that covered all my pets so I took him to the emergency room that night. While we waited for the doctor I got on the phone with Embrace and the representative was extremely kind and understanding. I felt like she really understood how worried I was and she put me at ease with my financial concerns regarding his treatment. Embrace allowed me to focus on what really mattered, getting Jack back to health.”

So far the new website has received rave reviews from the veterinary community. More than being a source for insurance, the business is run by people who understand that a pet is more than just an animal but a part of the family. To learn more about Embrace pet insurance please visit: