New Phenomena in Cloud Storage for Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

When nature calls with ferocity, how will you answer? If cloud storage, survival preparedness and recovery are combined, you'll get It's more than social networking with a purpose. The purpose goes beyond staying in contact with friends and family and data backup. Its raison d'etre is documenting your life for protection of the most precious items so you can weather the storm and get back on your feet with the least damage possible.


Eden Prairie, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- The increase in epoch disasters begs a preparedness response, not just from FEMA, but from each of us on an individual level to protect our personal security. has launched a campaign to provide just such a reply to ongoing threat by developing a solution to the potential destruction of valuables and enabling potential claimants to provide needed proof of claim to their insurance providers. Concurrently,'s built-in reproduction capabilities for all those taking advantage of personal black box services.

The project seeks individual support and input and is available for viewing at the following link: It represents social networking, but not just for the purpose of being social, but for an actual purpose. The focus is on building a disaster preparedness community for a proactive response to floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, fires, theft, or come what may. It aims to protect individuals and to provide an aid in replacing their valuables in the event of a catastrophic loss. It's incumbent upon each potential claimant to help themselves by helping their insurance company with comprehensive proof of losses. The system can be implemented for a variety of other purposes too.

Although, there are enumerable data storage and recovery organizations for individuals to choose from, there are none available that will provide the level of comprehensive services afforded those who deposit their items in their personal black box, which can then be retrieved and implemented in so many different ways that aren't available with data backup or cloud storage alone. is being designed and engineered from the ground up for and by the community-at-large. Every participant has a voice in the features that are being included in the website, program and physical black box under development. is also partnering discussions with major electronics retailers, pursuing relationships with such powerhouses as Walmart, Best Buy, Fry's Electronics as well as manufacturers such as Sony (Tokyo) & Samsung (Seoul, Korea), Neat Companies and several Israeli & Dubai companies, to name just a few, to bring personal black box services to individuals and companies along with associated peripheral devices to the individuals to aid them in maximizing the use of their personal black box.

For further details see or go directly to . For further information and details is preparing personal outreach via private meetings, talks, seminars and podcasts. Please stay tuned.

Contact: Monti Knazze - saveme(at)blackboxitup(dot)com, (952) 544-6417.