New Phone Site Sorts Good Providers from the Bad, Promises Clarity and Transparency


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2012 -- Wondering what company to go with for your cell phone? Confused with the millions of reviews, constant advertising, and variety in services? Well, don’t worry, as one site promises to reveal who is hot, and who is not, leaving you with a simple, safe decision.

Yes, choosing a cell phone provider is practically impossible in today’s information-fuelled world. All the companies claim that they have the best deals, and reviews across the internet and in popular media are usually only there to promote a certain provider.

However, this is why has opened their website. They aim to provide clear, precise and practical information to consumers regarding the best wireless cell phone companies. It’s thus incredibly refreshing to see an honest site that breaks down the various options wisely.

The site isn’t huge and complex. In fact, the information you need is right in front of you, and never more than just a few clicks away. From the best wireless cell phone providers to the worst, and to guides showing how you can get the best deal from these companies (such as how to get a free wireless cell phone), it’s all on

Created by an independent reviewer with no agenda aside to simply serve consumers and help them make the best decisions, the only info the site offers are facts, with no opinions. This truly makes it stand out from the rest, and allows consumers to make their own choices after reading the truth.

About Wirelessgovphone
So, if you or a friend are having problems deciding on which wireless cell phone provider to go for, the best thing you can do is head to before you make a decision, as doing so will ensure that you make the best choice, and have a very happy wireless future.

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