Faro to Albufeira

New Pipeline Improves Albufeira Water Disposal

The Portuguese government has initiated a new project to help manage water levels and quality that will affect coastal towns from Faro to Albufeira.


Albufeira, Portugal -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/04/2013 -- A new work project is planned to begin in the Algavare region to improve the water management of the Lagoa dos Salgados coastal lagoon. This 1.2 million euro project will run a pipeline to bring waste water from Albufeira to the Salgados treatment plant. Previously the water was just deposited into the sea off a nearby beach. The coastal town which receives many visitors coming from Faro to Albufeira, will now be able to inform tourists that they are more environmentally conscious.

Spurred by an uncontrollable level of rain and an increase in predators killing local wildlife around Lagoa dos Salgados, the Portuguese Government has decided to take on this project to continue their initiative for cleaner public services. The regional water supply and treatment agency, Aguas de Algarve has in conjunction pledged to build a more sustainable water management system to control the level and quality of the water in the Lagoa.

Local Albufeira businesses are excited about this new work project. Not only will this improve the quality of beaches and the ocean, but also will encourage more people to visit the town. With just a short shuttle or car ride from the airport in Faro to Albufeira, people will take comfort in the knowledge that their water is not polluting the ocean any longer.

Businessman Bruno Calzaverini of Shuttle Direct, who has many routes over Spain, including the popular one from Faro to Albufeira, believes that this will encourage more people to visit the coastal town of Albufeira. “This is such a blessing to the town, they can continue to improve their tourism industry and, of course, they are overjoyed to have cleaner beaches.”

This project is the continuation of a trend to become more environmentally conscious. Europe has started to move forward in earth-friendly trends, and Portugal is making an effort to continue with the trend.

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