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New Poll Reveals That Only 8% of Women Are Pleased With Their Hair


Banjaluka, Bosnia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- A new poll conducted by, a website that teaches women hair care and styling tips , revealed that only 8% of women are satisfied with their hair.

The poll was conducted from March 22, 2012 to September 6, 2012. Exactly 1,415 women took part in the poll. The majority of respondents are from the USA. They were polled with the following question:

What you don't like about your hair?

Only 117 women (8%) said they like their hair the way it is. On the other hand, 231 respondents (16%) indicated that their main concern is too thin hair.

In the survey, 207 women (15%) revealed that very dry hair is their main problem, while 187 (or 13%) participants in the poll suffer from overly thick hair.

Just 142 females (10%) indicated that their hair is falling out, while 140 respondents suggested their hair is too oily. 135 women said that their hair won't hold curls.

Seven percent (93 votes) of females thinks that their hair lacks body, 6% (84 votes) believes their hair is too curly, while five percent (79 votes) complain that their hair is too wavy.

Poll at a glance:

What you don't like about your hair?

- Too thin (16%, 231 votes)
- Very dry (15%, 207 votes)
- Overly thick (13%, 187 votes)
- Is falling out (10%, 142 votes)
- Too oily (10%, 140 votes)
- Won't hold curls (10%, 135 votes)
- I like it the way it is (8%, 117 votes)
- Lacks body (7%, 93 votes)
- Too curly (6%, 84 votes)
- Too wavy (5%, 79 votes)

Total voters: 1,415

According to Alex Jelich, owner of, the results of the poll can help manufacturers of hair care products to plan their future releases. ''If a hair care company is not sure what its next product will be, it can use this poll as a starting point for creating a business plan. It really make sense to create products that will deal with problems such as thin, thick or very dry hair.''

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