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New Powers Given to the Police to Issue Fixed Penalty Notices to Careless Drivers

The police have been given new powers to tackle careless drivers who put themselves and other road users at risk.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2013 -- Effective from 16th August 2013, drivers caught tailgating and lane-hogging can now be fined on-the-spot. The police now have the authority to issue fixed penalty notices to punish less serious careless driving offences. A £100 penalty plus 3 points on the driver’s license will replace a much morecostly and resource heavy court process.In the case of more severecareless driving offences, drivers will still face court proceedingswith potentially much greater penalties.

The Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond said “Careless driving puts innocent people’s lives at risk – that is why we have made it easier for the police to tackle problem drivers by allowing them to immediately issue a fixed penalty notice for low level offending rather than taking these offenders to court.”

Other motoring fixed penalties, such as driving while using a mobile phone and not wearing a seat belt have also been under review, having remained the same since 2000. A fine of £100 will now be issued, up from £60 previously, in line with the introduction of these new penalties.

A spokesperson for ABC Driver Training said that the primary experiencesfor any new driver contribute significantly to their overall level of confidence, skill and safety for themselves, their passengers and other road users.These new police powerswill encourage better discipline and fewer bad habits from all drivers, providing a safer and more pleasurable driving experience for our, often nervous, learners. The potential threat of an immediate penalty notice and points endorsement for intimidating drivers who tailgate or selfishly lane-hog will prove a welcomemeasure to tackle careless and inconsiderate driving for bettersafety and enjoyment for all road users.

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