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Columbia, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2015 -- Vaping is going mainstream, and with that comes the rule of demand and supply. As online and local retailers open up globally, stiff competition ensures only the best make it – and Vaping Zone promises to be the best.

If there's one thing true about vaping - is that it's an industry that constantly changing. New mods, new products, new customization – smaller, bigger, faster, better, warmer, longer! Any adjective is welcome, and innovation is rewarded with the praise and scrutiny of a customer base that is growing by the day with millions of members enjoying the experience globally.

Vaping has become a legitimate medical alternative to cigarette smoking, and maybe even a way for smokers to quit permanently, as anecdotal and imperial evidence suggests. That puts a lot of pressure on manufacturers to deliver the best that their technology can offer – and it puts pressure on retailers to keep an eye and a finger on a pulse of the market, and stock accordingly.

With a product line featuring the latest and best-selling brands like Joyetech, Kangertech, Aspire, Sigelei and Innokin Products among others, Vaping Zone keeps a stock of all the best starter kits, sub-ohm subtanks, batteries ranging from budget models to high-end 3100 mAh models, and the best of the best in clearomizers, coils, organic cotton wicks and other vaping essentials.

For the more experienced vapers, Vaping Zone is selling temperature control mods in box form, and mods for increasing the vaping wattage.

Keeping Up With the Industry

An essential part to any retailer is industry info. To keep up with the newest and latest news from the vaping world, VapingZone announces a continued focus on its blog, updated regularly. With information from the latest developments in the eCigarette market, to health hazards, quick info about the differences between various eLiquid brands, the dangers and benefits of using nicotine in the vaping experience, and a whole slew of other health and industry-related information.

VapingZone also promises to keep its customer base informed through detailed product reviews, comparisons, beginner and advanced modding guides, and tips and tricks for getting the most out of a single vaping experience.

Launching Their Own Line of Flavors

Meeting industry demand, VapingZone has been offering an extensive line of eLiquid flavors and colors, currently sold in the United States. The company features several regular flavors, such as drink-based flavors like coffee, cacao, pink lemonade, espresso, strawberry milkshake, Irish cream and caramel mocha.

Fruit-based flavors include strawberry, mango berry, pineapple, tutti fruity and many others. Also sold are sweets-based flavors like cinnamon bun, peanut butter cups, chocolate mint, caramel and apple pie flavors.

For those who enjoy a deeper sting, VapingZone is selling tobacco-based flavors as well, varying in degrees of strength, and menthol-based flavors.

About VapingZone
VapingZone is an online-based eCigarette retailer, specializing in anything everything within the vaping world, from temperature control mods to basic starter kits, nicotine flavorings. Formerly known as CompuZone, VapingZone is based in South Carolina, USA and has been servicing the vaping community for nearly two decades.