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New Price Promise Guarantees the Benefits of Steam Shower Therapy to Thousands More UK Residents


Lancashire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2012 -- Every year, people all across the UK spend millions of pounds on health and fitness products and services. From gyms and health clubs to various treatments and supplements, wellbeing is a huge industry.

Perhaps the biggest expense most people face in the pursuit of health and wellness is that of their gym or health club. Many feel that the facilities available to them at such a location can’t be replicated at home, hence the need for membership. What many are fast discovering, however, is that there’s an easy, effective and low-cost way in which to bring the benefits of a health club into bathrooms around the country. The answer? The steam shower.

The leaders in steam shower supply and installation, SteamShowerSupply.co.uk, have recently announced an exciting price promise destined to allow thousands more people access to the exciting and beneficial technology of the steam shower and hydrotherapy, something which is taking the health and fitness world by storm.

Taking place inside a technologically advanced steam shower cabin, hydrotherapy occurs when warm water is used to both eliminate toxins from the body and to soothe and relax tired and distressed muscles. Through a combination of steam, heat and water, users can find themselves quickly invigorated and revitalised, the steam shower technology acting as an effective combination of a spa and a sauna. By treating the largest organ of the human body, the skin, hydrotherapy can directly influence a huge array of physiological networks including the lymphatic, nervous and musculoskeletal systems within the body.

Up to this point, according to the dedicated team at Steam Shower Supply, most people have remained unaware of the potential to own this technology and have it installed in the comfort of a private home. Over recent years, steam showers have decreased dramatically in cost whilst becoming even more effective in the treatment of various aches and pains. As the experts in the field, Steam Shower Supply are installing more steam shower cabins than ever before, and they’ve announced an exciting new initiative which will ensure that they’ll be even busier in the coming months.

The Steam Shower Supply price promise is transparent and straightforward; in the unlikely event a client finds the same deal as offered by the Steam Shower Supply elsewhere for less, not only will Steam Shower Supply match that price, they’ll beat it by 20%. In that way, those looking to invest in their health can take the plunge in safety, secure in the knowledge that the incredible value available at SteamShowerSupply.co.uk can’t be beat.

So for all those keen to relax, recover and save some serious money on health club fees, it’s impossible to go past the amazing steam shower products on offer at Steam Shower Supply. With over 20 years as a provider of steam shower systems in the UK, Steam Shower Supply clients can be assured of first class service and an amazing, effective product. Now, with the new Steam Shower Supply price promise, they can also rest easy knowing good value is guaranteed.

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Steam Shower Supply has been in the home sauna and hydrotherapy business for over 20 Years. Using strong relationship with suppliers, Steam Shower Supply can regularly bring their customers the biggest, unbeatable deals that can’t be found elsewhere. With a no questions asked warranty and customer support service, Steam Shower Supply is the premier UK source for the best steam shower and hydrotherapy related products and services. For more information, visit http://www.steamshowersupply.co.uk