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New Probiotics for Women Hits the Market


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- New Probiotic from AlphaHealthy, a known company, has officially hit the market. It is an all-natural product, which is designed to help others get healthy, improve their immune system, regulate their GI tract, and give them back their energy.

With the modern diet, people constantly eat foods which promote harmful bacteria that cause sickness and depleted immune systems. Due to this, everyone needs something that would boost one’s immune system and keep them healthy, no matter what type of diet they are in to. Nowadays, there are tons of health supplements that claim to be effective and provide long term health results. Unfortunately, not all offer results and others don’t work as they promise. For this reason, AlphaHealthy, a company who aims to help people lead a healthy lifestyle, has decided to design a Probiotic that provides solutions to one’s health needs.

AlphaHealthy probiotics ensure that everyone acquire good bacteria, which will replenish and strengthen one’s GI tract, revitalize  their immune system as well as promote a healthier version of oneself. This new probiotic also has the power to improve one’s mood and energy levels. Due to poor nutrient, mineral and vitamin absorption, some people often experience mood swings, irritability, and loss of energy. With the use of AlphaHealthy probiotics, everyone can help their body absorb proper nutrients, reduce waste and thus improve energy levels.

AlphaHealthy probiotic also help fix intestinal problems. Almost all Americans suffer from gut related issues. There are ten times more bacteria living in one’s gut then cells in the body. If the bad bacteria is much higher to good bacteria, this might cause serious health risks. As a solutions, doctors highly recommend to take probiotics to restore the natural digestive balance.

For those who wanted to be healthy and help rid of any sickness that comes their way, this new Probiotic by AlphaHealthy is one of the best options.

About AlphaHealthy
AlphaHealthy is a Toronto based company that is known for manufacturing quality and healthy products. Their Probiotic is carefully manufactured in its GNP certified lab without using any fillers inside . This ensures quality and on top of that they are made in the USA.

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