The Perfect Dump™

New Product Announcement: Men on a Mission - Perfecting the Dump


Princeton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- The men at The Perfect Dump™, Andrew and Ed Brienza are pleased to announce their new product aptly called, “The Perfect Dump™.” The Perfect Dump™ is an all-natural fiber powder supplement designed to make bowel movements easier and more efficient. Get it all out and get it all out fast with this miracle substance. The best part is this is not a laxative or colon cleanser. The Perfect Dump™ doesn’t make the user go—it just makes it easier to go when the time comes.

A representative of The Perfect Dump™ had this to say about their product: “For years we’ve been talking about and experimenting with all-natural ways to produce better, more satisfying dumps (bowel movements) because in our collective opinion the best days begin with the best dumps. Now that the formula is in place, what was once a humble opinion has now become a “phenomenon” amongst our extended inner circle. Our friends, family and acquaintances have been blown away by the results they have seen after trying the product, even the skeptics are forced to eat their words. is currently in the final stages to meet the demand for the product. Pre-orders are available at"

Most people don’t realize just how important dumps are to their overall health. Make no mistake, a bad dump equals a bad day. People’s poor eating or exercise habits affect the digestion process, slowing them down and leading to decreased energy and irritable behavior, in addition to the physical symptoms of bloating, rectal itch, and flatulence. Give proper diet and exercise a boost with The Perfect Dump™ and take one big dump every day, every morning.

The poop pioneers at The Perfect Dump™ are excited to help the masses with the release of their new product. For more information visit them online or call 877-721-6273.

About The Perfect Dump™
The Perfect Dump™ is a specially formulated dietary supplement intended to help users take bigger, faster, cleaner dumps. Two tablespoons mixed with juice in the evening creates the perfect dump by morning. The powder is free of the 8 major allergens and contains no preservatives or artificial flavorings.

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