New Program Offers Men 'Cheat Code' for Attracting Women 'Get the Girl Code' Reveals Core Ideas About Women's Desire

A brand new program never released before highlights advice from two renowned dating experts on how to crack the “girl code” and get the girl a man wants.


Laurel, ML -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- Romance expert Michael Fiore and his partner -- a famous relationship blogger he calls “Miss X” because she asked to remain anonymous to nonmembers of the program -- created “Get the Girl Code” to help men attract and keep the girls of their dreams.

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Whether a man desires sex, love, or a deep connection, Fiore and Miss X reveal a “Cheat Code” that allows men to subtly press secret buttons in a girl’s mind to create a powerful emotional response.

In the Get the Girl Code program, Michael Fiore and Miss X expose three “crazy core ideas about sex and desire and women and love” that helped changed everything Fiore understood about women and how to interact with them.

He also reveals the three buttons to push in a girl’s mind to make her feel connected to a man and understood, to trigger her sexual desire and to make her feel like she chose the man, as opposed to the other way around.

Fiore first learned how to crack the girl code when he met Miss X at a bar in Las Vegas.

Get the Girl Code is their step-by-step online training program in which he and Miss X give participants the secret owner’s manual for the female mind and teaches them to make any woman a man wants feel an instantaneous connection with him.

The program is filled with tricks and techniques any man can use to move himself from the “friend zone” with a girl into relationship territory.

“The information Miss X and I share in Get the Girl Code is invaluable to men who want to get the girl they want,” Fiore said. “With our program any man can become an irresistible beacon women can’t help but be drawn to.”

In addition to offering membership in the Get the Girl Code program for a fraction of the list price, Fiore and Miss X are including several free bonuses with membership, including five of Miss X’s advanced trainings.

The Get the Girl Code program comes with a risk-free, 60-day, 100 percent money back guarantee.

Enrollment is limited. Join today or learn more about the Get the Girl Code program at:

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