Quantum Project

New Project Reveals a Revolutionary Deflationary Cryptocurrency


Ljubljana, Slovenia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2017 -- A new cryptocurrency is providing a fantastic opportunity for investors, eager to explore a project with a unique benefit. The Quantum Project is one of the first real deflationary currencies in the world. Each month the Quantum tokens are bought back, and the cryptocurrency is destroyed, removing it from the market. As such, the amount of the currency is always decreasing, separating it completely from other currencies on the market. The Quantum Project is the first cryptocurrency of its kind and could be a revolutionary investment possibility.

The massive benefit for investors that hold onto their Quantum currency is that since the amount on the market decreases each month, the price is constantly rising. Early investors can look forward to continuous gains over an extended period.

While the process might seem complex, it is actually rather simple. The total sum of bitcoins received from the sale of quantum tokens are put into a pool of funds, referred to as the Liquidity Pool. The bitcoins are then used in low-risk investment possibilities to boost interest from lending and exchanges. This involves market making and arbitrage as primary functionalities to make profit for buybacks.The income generated from these exchanges is then used by the company to buy a certain level of the Quantum tokens.

At this stage, the cryptocurrency is repurchased by the company behind the project each month. This currency is then sent to the black hole address. Here the currency is cryptographically destroyed, eliminating it from the market completely. Since the currency that still exists on the market becomes more rare, there is a constant upwards pressure on the price. Investors benefit with a fantastic ROI and virtually no downside.

The Quantum Project was set up by an expert team consisting of Nejc Bukovec and Damian Merlak. The idea behind the Quantum Project was to introduce a currency to the market that would not deflate in time. Instead, the level of the inflation for the currency could be manipulated completely to provide a benefit to investors while bringing profits for the owners. It was designed to improve the cryptocurrency market by bringing institution grade liquidity.

Recently, the project has formed a partnership with Gatehub to provide the potential to trade, withdraw and hold the Quantum tokens on the Ripple Network. As well as this, the partnership will provide a better retail price for Gatehub end users.

The first ICO for the Quantum Project ended in May 2017 and raised 2417 BTC. October 2017 will see the release of their third quarter report, detailing plans for future investment opportunities and further information on this innovative deflationary currency.

This unique opportunity is open to investors right now, interested in profiting from a currency that is the next step in crypto trading.

More information about the Quantum Project can be found on the company website, including the original white paper. Alternatively, press can contact the company using the information provided below for more information on the success of the Quantum Project so far and future investment possibilities.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Nejc
Company: Quantum Project
Phone: 0038640859638
Email: press@quantumproject.org
Website: https://www.quantumproject.org/