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Annapolis, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2015 -- As the director of two busy mental health clinics in Maryland, Tanveer A. Padder, MD, knows all too well about the challenges faced by clinicians treating patients taking psychiatric medications. Frustrated by watching his colleagues search through endless books and websites to locate the simplest of information, Dr. Padder set out to compile the most essential material on psychiatric medications all in one place. The resulting Practical Guide to Psychiatric Medications is a promising answer to a field of ever-changing and scattered information, helping clinicians to spend less time researching and more time treating patients.

The guide addresses the most clinically-relevant psychiatric disorders as well as medications and offers pertinent overviews of vital issues encountered by medical practitioners in everyday mental health practice. Written in simple, straightforward language, the guide is intentionally accessible to all professionals working in any capacity with patients undergoing psychiatric treatment, from physicians to therapists, social workers to nurses.

"Working with patients taking psychiatric medications can be extremely complicated," states Dr. Padder, "and it is crucial for clinicians to know proper dosing, warnings, interactions, side effects, etc. – a lot of information. I wanted to bring the most critical information right to clinicians' fingertips so that they can provide safe and accurate care to their patients."

Practical Guide to Psychiatric Medications is the product of Dr. Padder's decades-long career in psychiatry, hands-on clinical experience, and passion for improving patient care. It is currently released through multiple online distributors including Amazon and CreateSpace. Learn more at

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Tanveer A. Padder, MD, is an award winning psychiatrist certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, American Board of Addiction Medicine, and holds additional certification from the American Board of Clinical Psychopharmacology. He is a preeminent expert in psychopharmacology and has been awarded a Master Psycho-pharmacologist certification by Dr. Stahl's Neuroscience Education Institute.

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