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New Psychometric Test Identifies Ideal Work Environment


Glasgow, Scotland -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- The latest Psychometric Tool from PeopleMaps is designed to reduce staff turnover by putting new employees in the right work environment.

Staff turnover costs companies a lot of money, particularly if the new staff member leaves within the first year of starting the new job. PeopleMaps believes that a major cause of staff turnover is that employers are placing new employees in work environments that are incompatible with their personality, so they have developed a new psychometric test tool to help line managers identify the actual work environment they are offering.

“Once a line manager understands the “psychological profile” of the work environment they are offering, they can make more informed decisions about which candidates are most likely to thrive in that environment.” explains Martin Gibbons, CEO of PeopleMaps. “Let’s say the work environment was in a busy open office with lots of noise and constant interruptions. This would suit some people just fine, as they would see this as exciting and busy. However other people would find this environment extremely stressful. The challenge that line managers face is that they do not understand the environment they offer and therefore cannot see who it will suit and who it will distress.”

Employers have been using personality testing for over fifty years and it’s largely common place, however this is normally focused on assessing the candidates. This new tool from PeopleMaps takes a different approach and helps line managers assess the actual work environment itself.

So how does the Work Environment Analyser actually work? Gibbons explains in more detail “There are several factors which determine a work environment, these include;

-The physical work environment
-The company or line managers attitude towards timekeeping and hours.
-The interaction with others, including; colleagues, clients, suppliers and management.
-The line manager’s management style
-And lots, lots more.

The work environment test questionnaire touches upon all of the main factors and forces the line manager to pick a statement that MOST closely describes the work environment. It then also asks for LEAST and to prioritise the remaining two statements.

PeopleMaps then runs its algorithm and calculates the psychological profile of the environment for the specific job role. The system produces a report which includes the PeopleMaps Personality Map which illustrates where on the personality spectrum the work environment is located.

If you want to know the work environment you are offering then you can try the new PeopleMaps Work Environment Analyser for yourself by opening a free account at PeopleMaps.

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