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New Puppy Owners Learn Essential Dog Training Tips from the New Site ‘DogTrickAcademy.com


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2012 -- With the holidays and Valentine’s Day having recently come and gone, many people may be lucky enough to be currently experiencing the joys of owning a new puppy, from their sweet kisses to their cute puppy antics.

But odds are, not all of their behaviors are so adorable. Whether they are leaving puddles around the house or choosing furniture for their method of teething, dogs can be a handful making dog obedience training essential.

More than 13,000 dog owners have already joined the newly launched dog training resource DogTrickAcademy.com to gain insight from industry professionals and other experienced pet owners. Featuring in-depth dog training tips, the free online community provides new puppy owners with the tools they need to teach their best friends the proper ways to behave. The site also features a variety of information regarding all things puppy-related, including dog tricks, health, behavior problems, sports, toys, food and treats, and a comprehensive overview of the multitude of dog breeds.

New owners in need of extensive dog training information can learn the most effective techniques to use when teaching their puppy almost anything from DogTrickAcademy.com.

Some of the most recent dog training posts on the site include clicker training, off-leash walking, separation anxiety, dog aggression, begging, potty training, teaching toys, crate training, commands and many more. There are also a number of helpful articles, including “10 Essential Puppy Training Tips,” “Best Dog Training Motivators: Food, Toys & Praise,” and “The Dog Crate Training Game.”

According to DogTrickAcademy.com, new dog owners can find all of the information they need to learn to have fun with their dog, while having control over their actions.

“Getting the right dog advice from an experienced trainer is one of the most powerful time-saving things you could do,” states the site. “Our blog is jam-packed with valuable information on just about every dog topic you can think of and a whole bunch that you’ve never thought of before, all designed to help you get the most enjoyment from your dog.”

Members of DogTrickAcademy.com can respond to posts from other members, as well as post new topics regarding any questions they may have or helpful tips they may have discovered.

To join the new Dog Trick Academy community, visit http://www.DogTrickAcademy.com

About DogTrickAcademy.com
Recently launched, DogTrickAcademy.com is a top-notch dog training resource providing new dog owners with a host of insightful information from industry experts and other experienced dog owners. With more than 13,000 members, the site offers a variety of material regarding all things puppy-related, including dog training, tricks, health, behavior problems, sports, toys, food and treats, and a comprehensive overview of the multitude of dog breeds.