Evelyn Jenkins

New Purple Mangosteen Weight Loss Formula, Promising Good Results, Came Into View on the Internet

Nowadays overweight and obesity, as well as related diseases, are largely preventable. It is recognized that prevention is the most realizable option for curbing obesity epidemic.


Stamford, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2017 -- Lately, the weight loss products variety is so wide, so everyone can choose and take what best fits him. A good news is that companies in the branch are trying to improve their products by replacing the artificial ingredients with natural ones.

A new weight loss formula with Beta Glucan has been recently presented online. Purple Mangosteen weight loss supplement puts nature's most powerful substances to work for the body. Clinical studies prove that the formula naturally leads to fast weight loss and shows amazing results even in the first month of use.

The natural ingredients in Purple Mangosteen progressively melt the fat reserves, and, unlike the effect of dieting, it is impossible the uncontrollable hunger, overeating and gaining the weight back to come back again. Product's ingredients include Garcinia Mangostana Extract (Mangosteen Fruit Extract), Maltodextrin, Dicalcium Phosphate and Silica (Silicium Dioxide). The main ingredient - Mangosteen fruit extract posesses antioxidant properties, prevents inflamation, helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate and helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Maltodextrin is largely used by athletes, because it provides the right amount of energy during exercise. Silica (also known as Silicon dioxide) is a chemical compound made of silicon and oxygen. People use silica as a food additive and a filler in some vitamins. Calcium Phosphate supports nerve conduction and cellular signaling. So basically, Purple Mangosteen powder works in two aspects - minimizes appetite and melts the fat reserves.

It is sure that present-day weight loss products are much better that the old ones. These help many people around the world to win the battle against their extra pounds. All companies working in the branch try to find the best formula, in their desire to attract more clients.