New Q-ARS Audience Response System Launched for Enhancing Interaction Between Educator and Student

Shawn Finkelstein, CMP and Ryan Sharon developed a new Audience Response System named Q-ARS, which is aimed at enhancing the interaction between the educator and students. The Q-ARS mobile app for Android and Apple has also been developed by Team Awsome.


Lafayette, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- Shawn Finkelstein, CMP and Ryan Sharon came together to develop a simple audience response system, which they named Q-ARS. The system has been developed using the mobile cloud technology and is aimed at enhancing the level of interaction between educator and the students. This new system will also be available on the mobile platform and one can be able to use it on their Android or Apple devices. Team Awsome has mobile coded this interactive app of Q-ARS.

This newly developed ARS is being considered as a path-breaking tool that can prove instrumental in recording audience responses in a more convenient and efficient manner. The system uses a QR Scanner in order to access to the question and answer sessions, and the Q-ARS app converts a handheld Android device into a system to answer to the questions set by the moderator. Using the system, the audience can participate in the question-answer sessions that an educator would have created during his/her presentation. In this manner, the system enhances the level of interaction where a handheld device can be turned into a polling unit for answering the questions.

In the real sense, Shawn Finkelstein has developed an interactive learning platform where the mobile cloud technology can be used for answering questions by the audience and also for collecting the data. It can allow instant polling from any location and can allow an accurate and fast data collection. The system is expected to redefine the polling and response recording mechanism with the added advantage of the use of mobile app and devices, for enhanced level of interaction with a greater degree of convenience.

The Q-ARS system is a simple process for anyone to create a questionnaire and start a question-answer session. For the creation of a questionnaire, one needs to purchase a session I.D from Shawn Finkelstein CMP. Thereafter, one can log on to the official website of Q-ARS and can enter into it using the given session I.D. to start creating the questionnaire. In order to access the questionnaire, respondents have to connect their handheld devices through a QR Scanner and can answer to the questionnaire.

Thus, the Q-ARS system serves the purpose of one of the presenter tools that can help create questions for the audience and their response is collected in an automated and appropriate manner. To learn more about the system, one may visit the website

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