New Quad View Gold Maps Put More Gold Locations Into View

US Gold Maps produces more great product for gold prospecting and treasure hunting enthusiasts.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- Early this year US Gold Maps set into production mode to create even better tools for finding gold bearing locations.

Using high tech methodology and tapping into vast amounts of Federal land and geologic records a much improved gold finding map product was produced, tested and introduced in 2013.

The new gold maps have been given the name Quad View© to reveal all 4 elements of gold bearing and mineral locations.

These elements include Active and Abandoned Claims as well as Prospects and Occurrences.

With the new Quad View© maps prospectors and treasure hunters now have available a very powerful gold and treasure finding tool.

These new maps also offer a completely updated record set so you can be sure the maps are up to date and as accurate as records permit.

Also launched and updated for 2013 is the new GPS Gold Maps that are compatible with most Garmin™ GPS models.

There are also new tutorials available that show users how easy it is to use the maps and corresponding GPS technologies.

US Gold Maps is currently working on and has completed fresh updates on all other gold maps, as well as the new GPS series of gold finding maps.

For more information about these new products and to order these fantastic new maps visit US Gold Maps.

About US Gold Maps
US Gold Maps was established in 2010. Its purpose was to provide the highest quality and most up to date gold claims maps for prospectors and treasure hunters alike.

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