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New Quality Affordable Car Rental Services in Christchurch

Touchdown Car Rental provides quality affordable car rental services to make the most out Christchurch trips.


Christchurch, NZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- Transportation and mobility are major factors to consider when visiting places. They make a big part of the traveling experience apart from accommodations. There are many ways of getting around. Travelers can take the public transportation such as buses, trains and ferries, which are available in most countries, or other modes of public transportation that are native only to certain countries. These are fun and adventurous ways of commuting and can save travelers a lot on costs but can also be dangerous and routes and destinations can be limited. Travelers can also take cabs when they prefer more direct routes and more exclusivity and convenience in commuting. But cab fares can cost a lot and they would have to keep finding new ones when visit different places. Another option of commuting that is all together fun, adventurous, direct, exclusive and convenient is renting a car. When looking for car rental in Christchurch, Touchdown Car Rental has all these and more.

Travelers can rent a car for the duration of their stay, so their transportation is assured. They don’t have to depend on public transportation schedules so they can move around the areas in their own pace. They can just park their car, so they don’t have to worry about hailing another cab to get to their next destination. They can choose their own routes and can explore the area more when they feel more adventurous. Car rental significantly enhances the traveling experience. Touchdown Car Rental takes car rental services to the next level. Aside from being an affordable car hire Christchurch, its selection of vehicles and services makes car rental in Christchurch a whole new different experience. Travelers can choose from a selection of 4WD Subaru Foresters and Mini Coopers based on the kind of vehicle that they need and the kind of commuting experience that they are looking for. When they are in for exploring the beauty of the South Island, the Subaru Foresters with additional optional accessories is the ideal choice and has everything they need for their adventure. And whether it’s a business, leisure or honeymoon trip, their 6speed Mini Coopers with 15inch alloys are the more classy choice. And these babies are bound to turn heads!

Touchdown Car Rental provides these high quality cars and services at affordable prices. Aside from quality and affordability, they also provide convenience. Located at the Copthorne Hotel Commodore Christchurch Airport, it is just 1.6 km or only 3 minutes away from the Christchurch International Airport and only 10 minutes away from the heart of the city. Quality car rental services located at the same family-owned hotel with outstanding accommodations just right by the airport, convenience and the overall package cannot get any better than this.

About Touchdown Car Rental
The Touchdown Car Rental located at the Copthorne Hotel Commodore Christchurch Airport provides affordability, quality and convenience, making it the ideal car rental services when visiting Christchurch. For more information, contact Thomas Patterson at or 0800736849.