New Rachael Ray Show Targets Healthy Weight Loss Methods

Useful tips on how to shed weight as exposed by rachael ray in the new season of the rachael ray talk show, the various sorts of tomatoes will be tackled and exactly how it paves the way for eating healthily.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2013 -- As a kid, Rachael grew up in a surrounding full of food, she even has got a memory of her mother working in a restaurant kitchen "flipping something with a spatula". The new season of the Rachael Ray show will be broadcasted this August and will have more enjoyment and delight. Rachael even shown several weight loss tips that will be broadcasted in the show and she is particularly thrilled about the various types of tomatoes. The show is actually produced by "CBS Television Distribution" and this show will be giving audiences a different type of cooking experience - ""the Rachael Ray way"".

Rachael Ray is quoted as stating that she actually grew up in food, and that her very first vivid memory was seeing her mommy at work in a restaurant kitchen, "flipping something with a spatula". When she was at age of 3 or 4, she tried to imitate her mother cooking food but Rachael ended with a painful thumb. As she got more mature, she began conducting cooking lessons, write cook books, and now, ended up with her own TV show. Tomatoes as we said are on the main menu this season as a weight loss aid, the health benefits being it's rich content in vitamin C, an antioxidant giving for a healthful immune system. Compounds like Beta-carotene and other carotenoids can aid avoid cancer and heart issues, and these chemicals can be found in tomatoes. To be much more specific tomatoes contain lycopene which is proven to help reduce the chances of getting prostate cancer and it is also loaded with potassium.

The key reason "why the majority of Americans are overweight" is because of stress. When the body is acquiring too much stress, it directly affects the digestive system by slowing its function, and as this continues, the body will not properly absorb the needed nutrients from the food you're eating at the same time, fat deposits will also significantly increase. With that being said, stress is one major factor that can bring forth those excess weight even if you are eating healthy, so the best method to get rid of those extra pounds is adapting to a stress-free life and at the same time, healthy practices.

Dr. Charles Livingston from "The Fat Loss Factor" is one person who has recently brought this information to light in the dieting world, and as stress is the reason for both early heart attacks and strokes, it is certainly something everybody needs to avoid, whatever the cost. For a complete weight loss package, Dr. Charles Livingston has made a complete step-by-step fat loss guide, which includes a full 48 Hour Detox. "Click Here To Watch The Video Presentation"

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