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New Range of Eco Leather Handbags at Hawthorn and Co


Devon, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- Hawthorn and Co has been the leading provider of eco leather handbags, natural leather bags and organic cotton bags in the United Kingdom. With the company’s pursuit to give the best among their customers, the designs of their product is never just simple but environment friendly. It is the company’s experience that enables them to known in the state; the quality of the products that they have been offering was the one that defines the company. It was in the year 2013 when Hawthorn and Co launched their first range of bags in the commercial market. It took them some time to come up with those products, that are not just beautiful but environment friendly and fair trade sourced.

The company has used the natural scenic beauty of Devon's county side and coast line for inspiration in the design of their natural leather and organic fair trade bags. Each bag that was being offered to customers is guaranteed of having the best quality fair trade materials. Being true to their customers they always made sure that every item to be sold on the market is of good quality and does not have any manufacturing defect. Every bag has a story and each bag comes with a unique certificate of Authenticity.

About Hawthorn and Co
Hawthorn bags are something that is not just about having something to be carried because the design is ideal for people who want to look sophisticated and classy but care about the origins of the natural materials. To ensure that the company’s designs were not out of track, the designs are made to have been stylish and more artistic and should be able to fit and suit any dress or attire . Eco leather bags have been the favorite of many people who wanted to show their love for nature and their desire to have a sophisticated look. Natural leather bags have been used by lots of people who wanted to make their looks more classy. Organic cotton bags and the first two bags were very ideal to be given as gift to somebody or to employees. It is the materials that make the product become more appealing to the customers or to the person whom it will be given.

For more information do not hesitate to reach the company website at www.hawthornandco.com for more information regarding the products. The company can be found at Hawthorne HQ, Devon, UK.

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