New Rap Music Takes a Stand Against Violence


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Not since the early days of hip hop has there been a score of rap songs that could uplift and motivate its listeners. Grandmaster’s Flash’s “The Message” was a true example of how the words in a rap song could inspire someone to look at life through a set of more mature, appreciative eyes. In the days since the artists which followed this epic anthem, such as Poor Righteous Teachers, Tupac Shakur, and KRS One has any one been able to pinpoint a collection of work that didn’t surround the mainstream flow which usually surrounded materialism and violence

When we see tragedies such as the deadly shooting in Connecticut, we should often ask ourselves are we doing enough as a society to show our next generation how much we appreciate them taking positive steps towards making positive changes in their lives.

Marcus Parker’s new website “” does show us how the dedication of a man to stand for something positive in the face of adversity can be rewarded. The site is actually a journey into the life of the author and youth speaker as he made his way into schools with a positive message that taught children that it is OK to be yourself, and to rise above the negativity in your surroundings to accomplish your dreams.

As we mourn for the families who have taken such a great loss, let us not forget that we as a people hold the key to spread a different message and to take an active role in preventing the next tragedy from occurring. By no means am I suggesting that music alone will wipe all the violence from the face of the Earth, but I will however say that everything that we do to get a person’s mindset wrapped around motivation and positivity, is one less person that could possibly be sinking into a potentially deadly depression that could one day affect us all.

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