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New Real Estate Technology - Wiz Maps - Keys to Solving the Opaqueness of Real Estate


Santa Clara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2015 -- Wiz Maps has found the missing keys to real estate, and what affects growth of local real estate prices. Now, with the initiative of Kiva crowdfunding campaign, they can solve one of the biggest problems of all real estate – local market conditions and growth patterns. The story revolves around the reality which Eddie Godshalk faced with great passion and effort. Real time data visualization software, unlocks major keys of real estate which no one has been able to do, before Wiz Maps new real estate technology.

Typically, what affects the future price changes and risk, is NOT the changes in the building or property features, but the changes that affect local markets and LAND. Wiz Maps looked at the market, and realized that they could build a tool that makes local market analysis simple and visual. And that is Wiz Maps. They collect data, every month, of demographic and economic data, and calculate these growth patterns on over 367,000 US markets. Critical data that affects local land prices, like Job growth, median income growth, population changes. It is a huge, and frankly overwhelming amount of data. The data are unstructured and unusable in their raw format. Not formatted the right way, aggregated, and in most cases, the data is just plain unusable in their raw numeric formats.

Wiz Maps aggregate the data, they take it all, validates, tests and back-tests the data, calculates growth, normalizes, and users can then render custom data maps in real-time, by just clicking that button. While Wiz Maps does over a billion space-time calculations, in under a second. So you go from raw, unstructured and unusable data, that is far more usable, and far greater value. It gives you the complete view on what affects local risk and opportunities from a lender, broker, or investors prospective. Any tool that gives you a competitive advantage, both in insight, and the ability to act quickly, is very critical. And that is Wiz Maps.

About Wiz Maps
Wiz Maps is a SaaS data visualization platform that delivers monthly updated demographic and economic data, which empowers real estate investors and professionals, with real-time access to local growth patterns and opportunities. We are looking for seed funding and strategic partners.

Contact Person: Eddie Godshalk, MBA, CEO of Wiz Maps
Company: Wiz Maps Inc.
Address: 3561 Homestead Rd #361, Santa Clara, CA 95051-5161
Phone: 408-755-0071
Kiva crowdfunding campaign: