New Reality TV Show 'Dons and Divas' Puts Spotlight on Charlotte

Upscale Promotions and Entertainment has partnered with “heavyweights” in the TV industry to develop a show which features the Queen City’s “up and coming moguls”.


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Reality TV is getting a facelift in the form of 'Dons and Divas of the Queen City'. This Charlotte, NC based reality show puts a fresh face on reality TV by showcasing industry leaders of fashion, athletics, business, and entertainment. Sound familiar? It's not, says Coretta Livingston. Ms. Livingston who works closely with the creators of the show and who serves as show spokesperson should know. As the "QC Information Broker" she stays close to national and regional entertainment news. "One of the things that makes 'Dons and Divas' different is that it is a show about the movers and shakers in Charlotte, the success they are striving for and the power that goes along with it. The people featured on the show give you a glimpse of how big business is done, and the cutthroat way people often get the edge on their competition. "Don and Divas' features likeable people, but they are driven. Very driven." states Livingston. These people are well on their way to being the moguls for today and tomorrow, and they aren't letting anything get in their way especially competition." 'Dons and Divas' shows how they live, and how they do their business."

Upscale Promotions and Entertainment Inc. which produces the show has teamed up with known Reality TV "heavyweights" to ensure the show is a success. "We can't reveal who we are working with just yet, but they're big" states Ms. Livingston. "These anonymous people have had their hand in all the most popular brands of reality TV shows. Ladies you know which ones I am talking about," chuckles Ms. Livingston. "From VH1 to Bravo to WEtv they've been there, and they know what it takes to make a show a success. I assure you we will reveal who all the players are in due time. Just stay tuned." "Charlotte is a bigger city by population than Atlanta, DC, Las Vegas or Miami. It's time our story is told. Dons and Divas is the perfect platform to do it."

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