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New Release Helps Parents Talk to Their Kids About Sex


Enumclaw, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2018 -- "I have taught sexuality to students for nearly twenty years. In my interaction with them and their parents, it is obvious that most families are still largely uncomfortable talking about sexuality," says Dr. Adam Mearse. The author of We Need to Talk: Creating Space for Healthy Conversations About Sexuality (Redemption Press, April 2018) says, "It has never been more important for homes and churches to be places in which sexuality can be discussed and explored in open, honest, positive ways."

To aid in these discussions, Mearse has tailored his doctoral research in faith, sexuality, and sociology into the composite story of the Thompson family whose second-grade daughter comes home from school asking, "What does sex mean?" This sends her parents into a panic but ultimately leads them to seek input from trusted people in their lives. Through these conversations, the parents learn to create a home where they can talk with their growing children about sexuality. Dr. Mearse, who has master's degrees in ministry and counseling, and a Ph.D. in education, says he based the Thompson's story on "some very real interactions I have had, stories I have heard, and people I have known." Extensive endnotes and discussions related to the research are included.

Mearse, is the married father of three and a frequent speaker at churches, schools, and universities on topics related to sexuality. He says, "The explosion of sexuality rhetoric in the twenty-first century has made fear of discussing these topics something akin to abandonment of our young people." Writing with working parents in mind who are trying to balance jobs, care for their children, and face life's challenges, he says, "This is important and difficult work, but it's holy work. If you are a parent, you were made for this work."

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