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New Release Is a Call to Hear God's Message to the World


Enumclaw, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2017 -- As natural disasters occur with increasing frequency, many are drawn to what the Bible says about Christ's return and the end of the world. Mike Norton's God's Profound and Urgent Message (Redemption Press 2017) says, "We are truly at the threshold of Christ's return." The longtime student of the Bible and deacon says, "God is pleading for all nations and people of the earth to draw near to Him." His book is a valuable reference tool that shares the most important scriptural messages of the Bible.

In God's Profound and Urgent Message, Norton shares the "indisputable evidence, credibility, and accuracy of the Bible," and clearly presents God's love for all, the authority of Christ, the dangers of deception, and the consequences of sin and unbelief.

The retired former business owner and Florida resident was first introduced to the Bible forty years ago. He says, "I have an infinite debt of gratitude for all Christ has done for me and my family and felt the urge to reciprocate by writing to share and explain God's profound scriptural messages in the Bible."

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