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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- In-Vehicle infotainment is one of the fastest growing technologies in the industry. It combines entertainment, navigation and telecommunications system into one easy-to-use interface.The term Infotainment refers to information-based media content or programming that also includes entertainment content in an effort to enhance popularity with audiences and consumers.

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In-Vehicle infotainment includes hardware/software products and systems which are built into, or can be added to vehicles in order to enhance driver and/or passenger experience. The main function of the car's entertainment system or the head unit is enabling a variety of functions like navigation, radio, DVD players, climate control, Bluetooth, etc.

Many vehicles today have infotainment for entertainment, connected with devices such as personal navigation systems and smart phones with a hands-free car kit. Smartphone connectivity bridges the product life cycle gap between car infotainment systems and smart phones. This report evaluates the in-vehicle infotainment market including technologies, companies and solutions.

Table of Contents:

Typical Automotive Subsystems 6
Chassis Systems 6
Air-bag Systems 6
Powertrain 6
Body and Comfort Electronics 6
X-by-Wire 7
Multimedia and Infotainment 7
Wireless and Telematics 7
Automotive Communication Technologies 7
Local Interconnect Network (LIN) 8
Controller Area Network (CAN) 8
Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) 9
Audio/Video Bridging (AVB) 9
Wireless 9
Bluetooth 9
ZigBee 10
Wi-Fi 10
UltraWide Band (UWB) 10
Human-Machine Interface (HMI) 10
Touch Screen 11
Touchscreen Advantages 11
Touchscreen Challenges 11
Voice 12
Voice Advantages 12
Voice Challenges 12
Applications 12
Navigation 12
Entertainment 12
Smart Phone 13
Libraries, Services, Middleware 13

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Target Audience:
Mobile network operators
Automobile manufacturers
Wireless device manufacturers
Network infrastructure providers
Application and content developers
Telematics and M2M service providers

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