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New Report Declares Supply Chain Reliability and Flexibility More Critical Than Ever - GSQA Can Help


Downers Grove, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- EMNS, Inc., an innovative leader in Supplier Performance Management, is working to help companies deal with unpredictable events in a rapidly changing world by offering the GSQA ® SaaS product/service.

A recent report, published by Interchange Europe Ltd, delved into these important issues as they pertain to supply chains in the automotive industry. With a focus on spots like Thailand, New Orleans, and Iceland, the report detailed failures and identified potential gaps in dealing with natural disasters like tsunamis, hurricanes, and volcanic ice clouds. Though the report focused on the automotive industry, solutions can be applied throughout various supply chains in a multitude of industries. Managers must be able to develop robust contingency plans that will help when unpredictable events occur, and restore the quality assurance that preceded the unexpected event, which makes the GSQA® quality management system more critical than ever.

The report also underscored the fragility of the global supply chain, indicating that traceability and multi-tier supply chain (quality) management are increasingly important components of a resilient supply chain. GSQA® provides material-movement tracking, quality characteristics compliance (COA), supply chain partner scorecarding, one-click traceability and other workflow functionality in multi-tiered supply chains.

Prior to the report, GSQA® had already anticipated the variability of material quality in supply chains and the volatility of world events with an online platform that helps manufacturers automate and exceed record keeping and traceability requirements listed in the Bioterrorism Act, Section 306. GSQA® collects and stores lot level data from the ingredient manufacturer, the transporter, and the receiver of goods. This traceability extends to both internal and external suppliers, providing visibility across the supply chain.

Customers who want to learn more about making their supply chain more robust can visit www.gsqa.com or phone 866-438-4772.

About GSQA
Founded in 1995, EMNS developed GSQA® to replace a mainframe-based information system with an enterprise class, Internet-based application that tracked all inbound material quality and analyzed key supplier metrics. Over the years, GSQA has saved customers like The Goodyear Rubber & Tire Company a collective $100 million since its inception. GSQA® is used by Fortune 1000 businesses with facilities and suppliers in 70 countries. EMNS, Inc. is located in the western suburbs outside of downtown Chicago, for increased security. To learn more, visit www.gsqa.com.