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New Report on How Hotels Should Market Their 'Green' Credentials Released

HotelCO2 released today a report to help hotel managers and marketing teams promote their sustainability credentials and attract customers. The report provides suggestions on how to reach customers that are concerned about their environmental impacts, but also customers that are less green conscious.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- The free report developed by HotelCO2 highlights the benefits of being a green or environmentally conscious hotel in attracting guests and responding to corporate customers’ requests.

A number of studies have shown that hotel guests prefer staying in green hotels due to their increased level of awareness around environmental issues. The report lists the different barriers associated with marketing sustainability credentials and what one can do about them.

Using its extensive industry knowledge, the HotelCO2 team considered the ‘green gap’ between what hotel guests say is important to them ( for example, 77% of Americans say they would like to consume in a more sustainable way) and their actual hotel booking activities.

Neal Cassadi, Managing Director, said, “we believe that hotels can de-commoditize their offering by demonstrating their sustainability credentials to leisure guests and corporate customers. This includes tackling a number of ‘green myths’ such as the beliefs that being ‘green’ is expensive or require guests to sacrifice on hotel comforts. We have proposed 14 different activities that hotels should consider to improve the marketing activities of their ‘green’ credentials.”

One of these recommendation, is to accurately measure the hotel’s carbon emissions. It is well known that ‘what gets measured, gets managed’, so the first step of any environmental program is to measure CO2 emissions.

The recommendations offered by the report can be applied effectively to any hotel, irrespective of its location, size or type. To download the report, log on to: .

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