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New Research Busts Myths About Losing Lower Belly Fats

A series of recently conducted researches about losing lower belly fat busted numerous myths that were believed worldwide. These Research Reports described a number of exercises and advices for efficient weight loss.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- The boom of the Weight Loss Products in the Market has alarmed many Marketing Executives not just their sharp increase in number but because of the drastic variation in the quality. As per the Professional Sports Coaches, more than 34% of the products in the market have the Weight Loss Efficiency less than 70% for an average adult. In fact, more than 68% Products and Supplements are not able to eliminate the lower belly fat as it is one of the most inaccessible places of the human body. The new Research about Weight Loss has revealed the stunning facts about losing the lower belly fats in the natural and simple way. This revealed the answer to the most basic question – How To Lose Lower Belly Fat naturally.

According to the Experiments conducted over 100 Subjects by the Anatomy Experts, Dr. James Smith, the Lower Abdomen Region of the Human Body is reserved as the emergency store of energy for the body. This region is found to be responsible for the large accumulation of Fat Cells in the Adipose Tissue layers. Experts suggest that it is very difficult to extract fat out of these Adipose Tissue layers under normal circumstances. Hence, the common Weight Loss Products in the market are not capable of expelling the Lower Belly Fats of an average human body.

As per the Reports of the Research and Development, there are special exercises and tricks that can force the body to expel the fats from the Lower Abdomen Region naturally. Hence, the myth that weight gain is not genetic has been busted stating that it is genetic and inherited. The results also revealed that the lower belly fat can be expelled out of the body using some of the specific exercises as well proper following diet system. There have been many official websites that has come up with their own practical application of this research for explaining simple ways to lose belly fat.

The Conclusion from the Researches and Experimentations has busted the myth that overeating is the major issue of fat gain. In fact, the researchers claim that the stress is the root cause that invokes the special hormone triggering the feeling similar to hunger sensation and get satisfied when stomach is full.

The Official Sources of the Research has revealed that more than 63% people are trapped by the Stress which results in overeating. Another popular myth is the popularity of crunches and sit-ups to lose the belly fat. The research reports describe that such exercises only strengthen the muscular tissues. But, it does not guarantee the fat extraction from the adipose tissue. It can only be done via natural processes which are to be invoked with special techniques.

Furthermore, restricting the sugar (calorie) amount does not result in lowering of the fat in the Lower Abdomen Region. Expert, Dr. Charles, reveals that less calorie intake might be good for the overall weight loss as the body takes out fats from different parts of the body as suitable. To divert the natural fat expelling process towards the Lower Belly Region, specific exercises are important.

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