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New Research Report on Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems Market, 2016-2026

The Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems market consists of manufacturers either offering the complete equipment assembly or specializing in one or multiple equipment.


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2016 -- Purging is a process to remove the physical contents (such as hydrocarbon materials, gases, moisture content etc.) present in pipings, tubes & containers used in various operating processes such as welding, air conditioning, refining processes, sterilizers etc. The advantages of this process are internal surface cleaning in an efficient manner and removal of chemical residues in solid, liquid and gaseous forms. Amongst the purging systems, Nitrogen based purging is the most commonly used type. The process is used for the fact that Nitrogen being an inert gas completely removes impurities inside the pipings and tubes to prevent any form of scaling & corrosion which is caused by oxidation or other chemical reactions within the linings and surfaces of the tubular body. One of the major purpose of Nitrogen Purging is to check and remove the oxygen content which can produce a volatile or an explosive product upon reaction with hydrocarbons. During the initial phase, the process is also labeled as "Start Up Purging" or Oxygen Freeing", whereas during the completion of process it is termed as "Shutdown Purging" or "Degassing". Nitrogen purging is done via two types i.e. by purging in its gaseous and liquid forms. The Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems consists of Cryogenic Storage Dewar, Injectors, Purging Tubes, Pressure Regulators, Pressure Switches, Adjustable Flow Meters and other minor ancillaries.

Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems Market Dynamics

The Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems market consists of manufacturers either offering the complete equipment assembly or specializing in one or multiple equipment. These enterprises offer complete installation, monitoring and maintenance activities to the customer such as Leak Testing, Live Simulations & Commissioning. Apart from the equipment manufacturers, industrial gases producing companies too offer assistance in purging process by employing contractual services. The Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems market is largely fragmented with local distributors supplying the equipment as a whole or by ingredient with a smaller organized OEM market as well. Parent Oil & Gas Companies, Petrochemical Refineries, Metal Welding & Fabrications are the major consumer segments of the liquid nitrogen purge systems. Of late, the product is also finding acceptance in other industry sectors such as aviation, healthcare, electro physics and other industrial processes etc.

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Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems Market Segmentation

The Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems can be classified as following:

By Technique

Displacement- For simple operating systems
Dilution- For complex operating systems

By Monitoring Type

Remote Controlled
End Use Industry
Oil & Gas Refineries
Welding & Fabrication of Metals
Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
HVAC Systems
Electro Optics

Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems industry is present across all geographic regions which include North America, Western & Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific region, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. The conventional Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems markets involve OEMs from North American & European regions, whereas the Asian market is witnessing a significant growth owing to growth in related end use industries such as oil & gas, heavy engineering, automotive etc. It can be inferred that the market growth of the Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems would be proportional in nature with the respective growth rates of end use industries as the Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems is a crucial aspect of their manufacturing process. Value additions by suppliers backed by maintenance & service would be a determining factor of the market.

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Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems Market Players

The Liquid Nitrogen Purge Systems key players including manufacturers & source material suppliers identified across the value chain are Liquid Packaging Solutions Inc., Halliburton, IKM Testing UK Ltd., Airgas Inc., Epoxy Oil Serve Nigeria Limited, Vadilal Chemicals Ltd., GTS Maintenance Limited, Praxair Technology, Inc., Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. & Linde Group etc.