New Research Reveals Women Looking for Men Will Prefer Wide-Faced Men

Discover new research which revealed the type of men women are attracted to; also learn about a new website which reveals the best places to meet genuine guys and how women can improve attractiveness to men.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- For women looking for men, there are valid reasons why many women are drawn to wide-faced men. In an article by NYDailyNews it was quoted that for speed-daters, “Women looking for a short-term fling are more likely to be drawn to men like Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp and David Beckham than Adam Levine or Jake Gyllenhaal, according to the findings of a recent study.”

The down-side for men with wide-faced is the perception which linked such men to aggressive behavior, making women less likely to consider such men for long-term relationship. This is in contrast to the initial attraction that wide-faced men have towards women.

For women interested in men, a new website provides a free report on the top places for women to meet genuine men. Meeting men in real is good as compared to meeting men online as women actually see the real men, feel the men and decides if it is the right men. This is in contrast to meeting men online as men may not be so real and can pretend to be someone. However despite this, meeting men online is still one of the fastest and convenient ways to know men as compared to the traditional ways which may take some time. Hence, a combination of these two methods will speed up women’s chances in meeting men.

The website also features a free report in helping women to increase attractiveness to men.

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