New Research Studies How the Packaging Shape of Commercial Containers Affect the Water Solutions Inside


Princeton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2016 -- A researcher is hoping to study the relationship between packaging shape, thickness, material and electromagnetic fields and its possible effects on water solutions. In an effort to learn more, the researcher is turning to crowdfunding platform Experiment to fund the research.

The purpose of his study is to investigate the relationship between the packaging shape, thickness and material of commercial containers and electromagnetic fields (within the microwave frequency range) and how they affect the absorption and distribution of electromagnetic fields in stored water solutions. Further, his study's purpose is to investigate how the electromagnetic fields induced in water solutions such as water-based medicines and nutritional products could induce non-thermal effects during storage.

The study will help manufacturers develop storage guidelines for water-based liquid-food products and liquid pharmaceuticals exposed to EMFs during short-term or long-term storage by furthering their understanding of the roles the sharp edges, thickness and dimensions of materials play in the concentration and distribution of electromagnetic fields and how these variables influence the non-thermal effects of electromagnetic fields.

The results of his study could help manufacturers obtain parameters to optimize the storage and packaging process of water solutions. This optimization will foster increased safety and better quality of water solutions during storage.

"[This study will help in developing storage guidelines for water-based liquid-food products and liquid pharmaceuticals exposed to EMFs during storage]", says project leader [Maher A. A. Abdelsamie, PhD].

In using Experiment to help raise the funds, Maher is sharing reports of progress in real-time. In return for backing the project, donors will also be recognized when the results published open-access.

If fully funded, the project's findings would have implications for storage and packaging processes.

The project has 43 days remaining to meet a funding target of [$ 3000].

The platform, Experiment, recently surpassed $1,500,000 in total funding raised. Scientists using the platform have been featured in The Economist, Forbes, Nature, and The New York Times.

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