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New Resource Guide Outlines Mind Empowerment Discourse to Boost Confidence & Success


Springfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- In his new Book, "Thoughts of a Pure Mind - Find Power In Your Thoughts" Author Calvin Bland creates a down to earth metaphysical literary experience designed to guide readers into the realm of brain empowerment.

Readers are invited to embark on a journey deep into their own thoughts and emotions. Through a series of literary selections readers are engaged to consider multiple experiences that challenge and enlighten. Through progressive mental discourse, readers gain confidence and learn the power of their own thoughts.

Calvin explains, "In each chapter of: "Thoughts of a Pure Mind - Find Power In Your Thoughts" readers explore another emotion, perception or mental challenge and develop a stronger sense of control and clarification. This literary experience enables a clearing of misconceptions to reveal one's own pure thoughts........Here is where one develops a greater sense of empowerment. The resulting mental empowerment will strongly influence confidence at work, in relationships, at school, during competitions, and in life."

Controlling people's thoughts has long been a field of study with numerous implications from advertising to warfare. However, the mission of this book is to equip readers with the strategies that control thoughts so that they could be applied on a personal level for self improvement and self gratification. Readers learn how to control their own achieve a "pure mind" with renewed confidence and control. In this state, one is more capable of targeting their goals and focusing their thoughts in a direction that can facilitate and manifest desired results. When the mind is "Pure" and "Clear" one can choose the best thoughts to create the confidence and success desired.

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