New Restaurant for Seafood Lovers Opens in Dubai


Hudaiba, Dubai -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- A new restaurant that caters to the discriminating tastes of seafood lovers has just recently opened in Dubai. SeaMood Restaurant offers a wide variety of delectable choices when it comes to seafood. Located in Mankhool Road, Al Diyafa area, this new restaurant is expected to attract many guests. In fact, it is now currently one of the most talked about specialty shops when it comes to the finest seafood in Dubai. Its location is said to be one of the reasons also why it is highly favored by those who wish to enjoy healthy and delicious meals.

SeaMood Restaurant boasts of an international cuisine. Although it specializes on seafood, it does not just prepare those that are attributed to one country and culture only. The chefs here are trained abroad and have learned many ways of cooking seafood according to different cultures, including Mediterranean style seafood. This fact has been one reason why people keep coming back for more, according to its owner and manager. After tasting one fare in the menu, a customer is always encouraged to come back and try the others. As a result, the restaurant has proven to be immensely successful.

At the entrance of the restaurant, there is a sign that says “the fish we serve tomorrow hasn’t been caught yet.” Apparently, the restaurant boasts of only serving seafood made from the freshest ingredients. Customers who like to eat seafood know how important it is for their meal to be fresh always. In response to this desire, the owners of the restaurant have seen to it that whatever meal is prepared, the seafood included in it should be fresh. This is another factor which even the rivals admit can make a restaurant very popular. SeaMood has exceeded expectations in this regard.

Affordability is another major factor that has made SeaMood a very popular restaurant. Since it is just new, people have always though that it would have a difficult time in catching up with the more established competition. However, the restaurant has proven the skeptics wrong. SeaMood has not only captivated people; it has also developed a loyal client base. This can be attributed not only the succulent fares that it offers but also because the prices for these are cheap according to the market standards. According to one frequent customer, he thinks that the restaurant is making him fell like a royalty with its food yet it also does not make him pay much for both meal and service.

Potential customers who may want to try what SeaMood has to offer can read about the restaurant more through its website Aside from getting information about the place itself, they may also get to know the menu. From the page allocated for the menu, one can already decide what seafood to try even before he could step inside the restaurant. There are also pages in the website that are dedicated to news. Customers can read these if they wish to know the restaurant’s latest offerings and promos.

About SeaMood Restaurant Newly
SeaMood Restaurant Newly opened seafood restaurant one of the few in this category, affordable prices, casual dining in fresh funky athmospehere at Dubai.

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