New Rhythm Game Duck & Roll Combines Two Unlikely Elements Into One Awesome Game


Brea, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2012 -- Everyone loves rock and roll... the glamor, the prestige, and of course the rockin' music. But how about ducks? Do feathers give you that warm, fuzzy feeling? If you're a fan of both, you'll love the new game from Wild Factor, Duck & Roll – where it's all about the rhythm, tapping, and the occasional quacking.

About Duck & Roll
In Duck & Roll you don the webbed-feet of a misunderstood duck – raised in a family that appreciates only classical music, our friendly feathered friend Jeff “The Odd Duck” Duck runs away from home to find his place among the rock-and-roll crowd. You get to help Jeff worm his way to the rock-and-roll dream, and play some banging music while you're at it! Tap rhythmically through this game on either an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. You can earn achievements for your rad rhythmic skills, or play against your friends to see who is truly the king (or queen) of rock. You can even save your games on the iCloud, so you can continue your game from any of your iOS devices!

This is game is fun to play and hilarious to watch – it's a bit reminiscent of Duck Tails, and that will make any 90's kid flip. You'll be surprised how fun it is to play a guitar-wielding duck in this entertaining little game.

Duck & Roll - Rhythm Game web page
Duck & Roll Trailer
Duck & Roll Presskit

So what are you waiting for? You can grab your guitar and get ready to duck and roll! Grab the game at the app store here: Duck & Roll on the App Store


- Kotaku “Rock music is incredibly powerful. Ducks as also incredibly powerful. Combine the two and damn, man... just damn.”

- Padgadget 4/5 “Fans of tap-based music games will enjoy this one.”

- Arcadesushi 7/10 “I want more, which is a good sign for an iOS game. The audience is there, so let’s sign some more acts.”

About Wild Factor
Duck & Roll is being released by an awesome indie games developers, going by the name of Wild Factor. (Yeah, seems like a fitting name for the makers of this kind of game!) You can head over to their website at to see what they're all about, including a lot of behind-the-scenes content on the development of Duck & Roll.

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