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New Safari Allows Tourists to Visit the Wilderness and Learn How to Survive in the Outdoors

A new safari is not only allowing visitors to roam its 145 square miles of land but are now also incorporating survival training into their tours.


Romsey, Hampshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2014 -- New Forest is an area located at the southern end of Great Britain. This is a 145 square mile plot of land that was founded almost 1,000 years ago. This land has been preserved and made available to the public. While Forest Safaris has provided people with guided tours of the area for years, they are now incorporating survivalist training into many of their tours. Not only are they hoping that this will drum up some more business but that it will also peak the interest of their more adventurous customers.

"So many visitors to the New Forest only get to see a small part of this unique area that was founded nearly one thousand years ago in 1079 AD by William the Conqueror.", says a representative from the Forest Safari.

Forest Safaris provide a wide variety of tours for their guests. Bus tours allow visitors to comfortably view the wilderness and surrounding area. Tourists are given access to binoculars and the entire tour is video taped for their convenience. The visitors will be accompanied by a driver who is very familiar with the area and who can help them see the sites as well as gain some insight into the history associated with the forest.

Aside from their busses, Forest Safaris also offer tours in smaller automobiles called taxi. Bike safaris are also available, allowing visitors to experience a more hands on and down to earth version of the area. Guests can choose to go animal spotting, take part in barbeques and picnics, experience survival training, learn wilderness first aid and can even visit local breweries and vineyards. Forest Safari attempts to supply their customers with something that will suit their tastes no matter how accustomed they are to the outdoors.

A representative from the safari was also quoted as saying, "Regardless of age or ability there should be a "safari" to suit most people, with a leisurely tour learning about the Forest's history over the centuries and seeing many of the wild ponies and donkeys, cattle, pigs and sheep that roam free all over the area.".

Tourists who are more interested in seeing certain types of wildlife may want to take advantage of the night time or early morning tours being offered by the safari. These off hour treks allow tourists to experience some of the more wild animals that are found in the area. The wild animals can be either photographed, filmed or simply enjoyed by the visitors. For more information about Forest Safaris and all of the various tours that they offer, visit their website here.

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