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New Samsung Ultrasound Devices Introduced at Best Medical Ltd


Frankfurt, Hesse -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2016 -- With the sole objective of bringing high-end healthcare equipments and devices under one platform as well as bringing human values at the center of business and professional relationships, the official site of Best Medical Ltd has recently introduced basic information about some latest ultrasound systems from the reputable brand Samsung.

According to the company's spokesperson, "Samsung, as a leading manufacturer of advanced technological electronics has touch-landed in the healthcare industry with some really innovative products. We have tried to introduce them for our visitors to see and understand the basic nature of these devices. More information and details can be requested by filling up the online form provided on the website and submitting them."

The spokesperson also maintained that the company is also a dealer and exclusive agent of several healthcare products most essential for health institutions, clinics, and medical centers. He added, "Today, our company operates all throughout Italy with an established sales network among several agents, doctors, specialists to ensure that the patients are offered the best medical attention."

He also revealed that the company, though in its infancy stage, functions with the vision of discovering the best professional equipments and displaying them on their website.

"Every product reviewed on our site has undergone a detailed research and analysis regarding their functioning and stability in providing the accurate results", reiterated the spokesperson.

As per recent market studies, the global ultrasound market is expected to exceed 7 billion USD by the year 2020. This growth can be attributed to the ongoing technological advancements increasing investments by both private and public sectors and the rising demand for advanced therapeutic techniques. At this rate, the ultrasound market is bound to remain highly competitive with new companies looking to take over the veins from well established names like Siemens, General Electric Company, Toshiba Corporation and Hitachi.

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About Best Medical Ltd
It is an exclusive dealer and retailer of ultrasound scanners and healthcare devices based in the Italian cities of Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. The company was established in 2012 by Francesco and Claudia Rossini with an aim to connect the medical industry to the new innovative products in the healthcare industry.

Frankfurt, Hesse