New Santa Ana Plumber Brings Decades of Experience to the Service of the Community


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- For over three decades that Santa Ana Plumbers has been in business, the residents of this dynamic and growing community have never had to worry whom to turn to or where to go for assistance in overcoming their plumbing nightmares – the answer was always provided by Santa Ana Plumbers. In a challenged economy demanding instant solutions to sanitation and hygiene issues, Santa Ana Plumbers have come out with brilliant solutions to conquer plumbing problems, and their unstinted efforts have earned them encomiums from Santa Ana and its suburbs.

Santa Ana plumber offers simple yet powerful solutions at prices that are decidedly competitive and that give the competition a good run for their money. Through a vastly improved and well-designed website Santa Ana plumber provides customers with varied support options tailor-made to each customer’s individual situation. The company has generally avoided high profile advertising or aggressive marketing in favor of a laid back approach where word of mouth publicity by resident customers does all the promotion that the company’s mind blowing services need. If, as a customer, one wants value for his hard earned money there is no better option than Santa Ana Plumbers.

Santa Ana plumber has never fought shy of adapting homes to eco green solutions and they can install a slew of energy saving products such as advanced tankless hot water heater systems, heat pump water heaters, heating and cooling systems employing geo thermal energy, the latest epoxy pipe restoration works, painless and trenchless sewer line replacements, modified low flow toilets, and the most advanced water purification and water softening systems.

The major plus point of Santa Ana plumber services is that they never make a customer wait on them; they understand clearly enough that clients would rather go elsewhere than wait for services that acquire a measure of urgency. This is the reason why calls are attended immediately and technicians supported by a large fleet of highly sophisticated plumbing vehicles are on the prowl in the Santa Ana area and are ready to visit the problem site at very short notice. Layers of systematic training have honed the people-interaction skills of these technicians, and Santa Ana plumber will be very attentive to the customer as he explains his problem, pausing only where his advice is solicited or clarification demanded. And when advice is asked for, the client gets proper advice without grandstanding. Another plus point favoring these technicians is that they assess the damages correctly and astutely and will never suggest major changes unless and until absolutely called for. This creates trust in the customers and they feel confident that they will not be charged exorbitantly.

The CEO of Santa Ana plumber says “Employing the services of Santa Ana Plumbers should be a positive and constructive experience and we do our groundwork as efficiently as is humanly possible so that we deliver maximum customer satisfaction and create avenues to maximize savings. We make this possible by employing only the very best technicians that are properly licensed, bonded and insured and we don’t hesitate to invest more money, time and energy into perfecting our technicians – all for the purpose of strengthening customer delight.”

About Santa Ana plumber
This is a company that values customers and will go the extra mile to ensure the customer gets his work done – the work should be done perfectly, and the work should proceed in a time bound manner – both are ensured by the Santa Ana Plumber. It’s not just a question of training the employee; the company also empowers them with advanced technology and sophisticated equipment that he needs to perform his job efficiently. The company also ensures that the plumbing damage is assessed correctly so that a strategy can be devised to rectify the defect before it worsens to the point of calling for drastic and more expensive solutions. In every visit of the plumber the endeavor is to limit expenses as far as possible so that the customer saves money.

Santa Ana plumber is located at 600 W. Santa Ana Blvd #805, Santa Ana, CA 92701 and can be contacted at the following number: 714-352-0015. If you are interested in knowing more about Santa Ana plumber and how you can access their plumbing services and latest offers log on to