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New Science Fiction Novel, Thy Kingdom Fall, Released in Hardcover and Paperback After One Month as eBook

Science fiction novel that mixes politics, religion and a touch of horror takes place in a future landscape true to form of the best imaginings of science fiction authors.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Well-Tailored Books announces the hardcover and paperback release of A. Dragon's science fiction novel "Thy Kingdom Fall", the first book in the author's After Eden Series. The print versions became available on May 31st 2013. Released as a Kindle eBook in early April of 2013, the story combines aspects of the post-apocalyptic science fiction and political thriller genres to create a future world extrapolated from today's events.

"Thy Kingdom Falls" begins the After Eden Series in an American landscape set over 70 years into the future. The world has the feel of a science fiction novel set inside a horror novel, wrapped by complex political intrigue. Succeeding at what many fiction authors try, A. Dragon vividly rips across genre stereotypes to build a unique and authentic world.

A reporter investigates the murder of a political king-maker which begins a series of events that lead to the attack of the Three Towers in New York City and the beginning of World War III. A former police officer, Logan has become a famous investigative reporter, and a little bit of a cynical profiteer. As he becomes entangled in an investigation which points to a far reaching conspiracy, the reader travels across a future world encountering vampires, robots, drones, storm trooper police, separatist religious enclaves, and the Amish. Yes, the Amish.

As a Kindle ebook the science fiction novel has received many positive reviews on Amazon, with numerous reviewers commenting on the vibrant complexity of the fiction author's world. The story takes familiar uses of science fiction technology like implants and cooks those ideas into cultural evolutions of dominant groups called Pagans, vampires, along with other assorted odd groups. Judeo-Christian culture has been ghettoized and in the story is derogatorily referred to as Jew-Christian. The popularity of the ebook led Well-Tailored Books to decide to release a softcover version.

About The Author: A Dragon
A Dragon began his life in New York City, and after a time in the US Army, and a number of years living in Paris, France, he now resides in Los Angeles, CA. He has worked as an English teacher, political campaign manager and a Fortune 500 corporate recruiter. Yes, he is a Christian too.

He plans a series of seven books for the After Eden Series. Book Two, "Stars and Scorpions", will be released late Spring 2013.



A Dragon
Los Angeles, CA