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New Scientific Studies Support the Role of Omega 3 and Cancer Prevention Says Dr. Dave


Fleetwood, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- Dr. Dave Woynarowski, MD, who has gained wide attention over the years for his innovative anti-aging and preventative health supplements, has recently published an article on his popular blog DrDaveUnleashed.com, which informs that nearly all new scientific studies are also supporting the role of omega 3 in preventing cancer.

The blog titled ‘The Truth, the Lies and the Gray Areas of Supplementation’, has become a important medium for Dr. Dave to share scientific proven data to the general public rather than relying on media which entices it news with “emotional control fear based” approach as, Dr. Dave puts it.

Dr. Dave has always stood by the importance of Omega 3 in maintaining an overall health and even preventing numerous types of cancers. A consumer of his own line of natural health and anti-aging supplements, he has continuously shared and performed personal studies to prove that Omega 3 slows down and inhibits cancer cell growth. However, popular new media have often published opposite scientific findings negatively linking Omega 3 and cancer.

To this Dr. Dave responds that it has become very common in popular media to simply gain readership and make advertising money. Dr. Dave even hinted in his previous article titled, “Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer- More Bad News?” that there might be a hidden agenda behind all this ‘nonsensical study’, “Now I am not a huge believer in conspiracy theories. It takes a long time to convince me that there are deliberate disingenuous forces at work trying to obfuscate the truth. Another way of saying that is that people are lying!”

The latest article discusses the more recent study informing that higher doses of fish oil leads to prostate cancer, which was even approved by numerous doctors and experts throughout the country. For this study, Dr. Dave shares that the study was flawed to begin with as all test subjects already had very low levels of Omega 3. Dr. Dave further added that the conclusion of the study should have been “low Omega 3 can lead to prostate cancer” which is what he has always preached.

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